Monday, March 07, 2011

Don't try this at home ... part II

This guy is fixing the airconditioner outside the window of the 12th floor - balancing himself precariously on a narrow slab of concrete (which is not even wide enough to accommodate the air-conditioner ) - with neither anything for support nor any harness to fix him to any secure spot.


Exploring Myself said...

dar ke aage jeet hai... can't say if it shows his dedication or courage or just ignorance.. It's sad to realize the fact that there is no value of life in our country and especially if it happens to be a poor person. and again it's sad to realize that I can just realize and do nothing.. Hopefully I will be able to make an attempt towards changing somethings in our society... Let me see how far I can go.

mang okim said...

wow... he's really a dare devils :D